Acknowledgment Form:

    • This form is used to officially verify the identity of the signer and confirm that they willingly signed a document.

Jurat Form:

    • A jurat is a notarial act where the notary certifies that the signer personally appeared before them, was identified, and signed the document in their presence.

Affidavit Form:

    • This is a sworn statement made by the affiant (the person making the statement) that is notarized by you.

Copy Certification Form:

    • If your state allows notaries to certify copies of documents, include this form for individuals seeking this service.

Travel Consent Form:

    • This form is used for parents to grant permission for their children to travel with someone else.

Living Will / Healthcare Directive Form:

    • This is a form for individuals who want to appoint someone to make medical decisions on their behalf if they become unable to do so.

Guardianship Consent Form:

    • If applicable in your area, this form is for parents to consent to the appointment of a legal guardian for their children.