Welcome to MRB Notary, where passion meets purpose! I embarked on the journey of MRB Notary Public and Multi Services LLC in March 2020, driven by my love for assisting others. As a dedicated notary public, tax preparer, and bookkeeper, I find immense joy in providing essential services that make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Before establishing MRB Notary, I discovered my knack for these services while helping friends and family. The word spread, and soon, I found myself on a fulfilling path, fueled by referrals and the genuine desire to support those in need.

When I’m not immersed in the world of notarizations and financial services, I channel my creativity into another passion – hair care. As a skilled hair stylist, I’m in the process of curating my own line of hair care products. From indulgent deep conditioning masks to nourishing shampoos and revitalizing hair growth oils, I pour my heart into creating natural solutions that enhance the beauty of your hair.

Beyond my professional pursuits, my heart belongs to God, and I center my life around Him. Placing God first is not just a belief but a guiding principle that has shaped who I am today. He is my Savior, the driving force behind my journey, and the reason why MRB Notary reflects not just a business but a purpose-driven endeavor.

Join me on this exciting journey where service, creativity, and faith converge to make MRB Notary a place where you’re not just served; you’re cared for. Thank you for being a part of my story.


Majerlyne Reyes

Owner / Manager

Office: 407-703-3105
Office Cell:

Apopka, FL